Discernment Committee Update

The Discernment Committee is pleased to inform you that our work during the past 6 months has progressed very well. All of the applications for the position of Rector at Grace Church have been reviewed, phone interviews have been conducted, and we are now checking references and visiting with potential candidates.

From the Senior Warden: A Perspective on Waiting

I hate waiting. I mean I REALLY hate waiting, at least in the conventional sense as defined above. I hate it so much that I spent hundreds of dollars on a smart phone so that I could download the free Starbucks App onto it. Why? Because I can order my Venti 3 Splenda Latte and Protein Bistro Box before I leave the house, drive to Haymarket, and in the 8 minutes it takes to get there I'll find my order resting freshly on the counter for me. NO waiting.

Episcopal Church Crest

Discernment for New Rector

Rector Candidates: The Grace Church Self-Study is available here for your review. Note to the Congregation: The Discernment Committee is now receiving and evaluating applications for the position of Rector at Grace Church. This process must be kept completely confidential to protect the candidates.