Saturday, Nov. 11 at Grace Church, come help us Rise Against Hunger and pack highly nutritious, easy-to-ship meals for people all over the world. The need is so critical now, with the devastation from recent hurricanes. Last year’s meal-packing event was so successful- and so much fun- we have raised the goal to pack 15,000 meals!

Here’s where you come in:

  • We need to raise $4,384.80 (approx. $.29 per meal) (Click here to contribute)
  • We need close to 80 volunteers of all ages (we’ve had a great response, but still need additional volunteers!)
  • There are “jobs” for everyone from young children to senior citizens. When everyone pitches in amazing things happen.

Come join in with your fellow parishioners in this amazing experience as we offer “radical hospitality” to the rest of the world.

Sign up online to participate.

Please consider a contribution to help pay for the meal ingredients.

And spread the word! All are welcome!

In November of last year, Grace Church hosted its first meal-packing event (the organization was known then as Stop Hunger Now). We packed more than 11,000 meals in one morning. Within a month the meals were then shipped to the profoundly impoverished Grison-Garde area of Haiti, and distributed by non-profit partners to young students and orphaned children. Read last year’s thank you and shipping notice from Stop Hunger Now.