The Grace Church Wood Ministry is a critical resource during the cold winter months in Fauquier County, supplying firewood to families and individuals who depend on wood to heat their homes. The Wood Ministry is a multi-denominational effort with several other churches in the region; Grace Church volunteers deliver wood primarily to homes in the northern section of Fauquier.

The Wood Ministry holds work days on a number of Saturdays through the fall and winter, to split, stack and deliver wood. Volunteers are always welcome! Please contact Paul Smith for more information. (The next Wood Ministry work day is Sat. Nov. 18 starting at 9 a.m. at 5488 Hopewell Road, two miles east of The Plains.)

Note: If you have wood to donate, thank you for thinking of the Grace Church Wood Ministry! However, at this time we have a backlog of wood to be split and stacked, and are not able to take additional donations until our current supplies are processed. Please contact Paul Smith for more information.